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By seamlessly connecting your SAP SuccessFactors systems to real-time documentation, CodeBot transforms system administration, governance, and testing.  

Accelerate project timelines and empower your team to take control.

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CodeBot is fast, accurate, powerful, and secure. Managing complex and critical systems can present challenges for both HR and IT teams. CodeBot for SAP SuccessFactors makes it simple. Here’s how:

Automated Documentation

Create detailed documentation across all of your modules within SAP SuccessFactors. Compare your application across instances and get a comprehensive overview of your entire system. Get the full picture. In real time.

Powerful Administrative Tools

Transform the way your team engages with SAP SuccessFactors. CodeBot facilitates a documentation-first approach that streamlines your processes, including testing. With an agile toolset, your team easily navigates complexity and frees up time to focus on critical business. Powerful tools. Breakthrough results.

Mechanized System Updates

Build and update SAP SuccessFactors directly from a detailed workbook. Stand up a new instance, migrate software updates between instances, manage SAP SuccessFactors enhancements. You design it. CodeBot makes it happen.

Optimized Security and Governance

Establish and maintain system historical documentation, audit roles and permissions, and support HR and IT processes. CodeBot adds an extra layer of security and clarity for all your modules and instances. Get the answers. Gain control.

The CodeBot Impact

Customer Stories

​​Preparing for a Merger
Tasked with comparing two different SAP SuccessFactors landscapes, this team gets a huge boost from CodeBot.
Managing Testing & Role Based Permissions
A small team with a need for more capacity for testing and RBP management uses CodeBot to do more with less!
Easier & Faster Troubleshooting

This team solves errors and debugs faster when they use CodeBot to help analyze all of their instances.

Centralizing Documentation

Not knowing where to find accurate, up-to-date documentation, this team turns to CodeBot.

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