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SAP SuccessFactors

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Leverage CodeBot to accelerate the power of your SAP SuccessFactors system. Deploy solutions faster, with less risk and expense.


Are you supporting modules you’ve already deployed? Streamline application support for new releases, multiple instances, unit testing, roles and permissions, and configuration governance.


The World’s Most Innovative Companies Find Success With CodeBot


Unlock New Possibilities with CodeBot

CodeBot unlocks the untapped power of your SAP SuccessFactors investment. With CodeBot, you can access functionality and documentation that has previously required highly skilled consultants with deep experience.



CodeBot simplifies administration and accelerates configuration reducing both project duration and cost.

CodeBot builds the bridge between configuration workbooks and your instances. Once the workbooks are set, sit back and let CodeBot do the heavy lifting.


With instance management tools like Clone, Compare, and Validate, CodeBot helps to narrow the gap between a “blueprint workbook” and the best instance for your organization. Robotic Testing ensures everything is working as expected.


Once the configuration is ready, CodeBot helps you automatically compare and migrate  instances saving valuable time and money on maintenance related activities.


Your Unrealized Value

CodeBot vs Human
( Averages reported by consultants and clients )


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Faster Configuration Cycles


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Accuracy in configuration


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Reduction in 3rd Party support


Governance, Visibility & Predictability


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Less stressed & uncertain

Scenario #1

With CodeBot, you achieve greater speed to value, reduce your risk, and save money! How? Your project duration is reduced by 25% or more. The configuration effort is reduced by 40% or more. And there are zero configuration errors in the process. Additionally, since most employers have at least 4 instances of SuccessFactors, CodeBot’s ability to selectively synch and manage configuration data across these multiple instances saves even more time and money.


Scenario #2

Creating, updating, and maintaining roles and permissions can be daunting. Administrators do their best to manage this complex environment with security top of mind. CodeBot makes their work easier, and protects your organization.


Managing roles and permissions is time consuming especially at scale. With CodeBot, you automate the updates and gain immediate insights.


Scenario #3

Prudent governance requires accurate documentation. Functional configuration workbooks provide that documentation. With CodeBot, you will automatically generate  configuration workbooks from configured instances. This  always accurate documentation enables newfound agility and stronger governance.


Scenario #4

The customer is typically responsible for Unit Testing, and the effort is often significant. This is especially true during implementation and product upgrades. CodeBot automates Unit Testing greatly reducing the effort. Additionally, since Unit Testing should be performed with each product update, across all instances, CodeBot’s automated testing shines again, and again!


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